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Thanks to all Sharan Pinhole Photographers who have submitted photos to the gallery and website.

Please see the new submissions policy (at page bottom) for information regarding our new submissions and our bi-annual Sharan Pinhole Photo Contests. First contest runs
May 1-May 31, 2011.


Sharan Gallery + Website Submissions
March 2009-March 2011:

Hartmut Gräfenhahn

Michael Lyons

Drew Nicolson (Andrew)

Mike Hodgson

Ramses Singeling

Bernadette Boundy

Tom Hartney

Rob Henkel

Philip Knox

Kertu Kaera

Alasdair Lacey-Kovac

Sharan Gallery + Website Submissions
December 2008-February 2009

Sue Kroeter

Simon Bronson

Yanitsa Jecheva

Adam Hall

Charlie Masson

Shadi Nasr New Submissions Policy + Contests (May 1, 2011):

We would be happy to consider your Sharan Pinhole Photos for our gallery and website. Please email a lo-res (100 resolution) jpg, 800 px wide of your images to:

Beginning May 1, 2011, we will have twice yearly Sharan Pinhole Photo Contests and post a call for submissions. Submissions will be added to the gallery or elsewhere on the website in exchange for a listing of each photographer's name on our new Contributor's page. Each Photographer may choose to submit one url address to their own website or flickr account, in order to have an active link from the Sharan contributor's page.

Spring 2011 Sharan Pinhole Photo Contest Rules (May 1-31, 2011):

Contest Rules: Please submit up to 6 original photographs, taken with a Sharan Pinhole Camera, and sent to us as as jpgs, resolution 100 at a width of 800 pixels. It is suggested that the images be 'spotted' for dust and scratches. (This is best done manually instead of using a filter for 'dust/scratches' as these filters soften the images). Your images should be cropped as you wish to see them published. All submissions received during the contest dates will be considered 'contest submissions'. A winner will be chosen to receive a $100 prize for each contest. reserves the right to refuse submissions for any reason. We look forward to seeing your photos!

Note: We will continue accepting submissions of Sharan Photos to our gallery and website pages from interested Photographers, on an ongoing basis (outside of our contests). Our new policy for these submissions, as with contest submissions, will be to add each included photographer's name to our new contributor's page when we post a part of, or their full submission to our gallery pages or elsewhere on the website. As with contest submissions, each photographer may choose to submit one url address to their own website or flickr account, in order to have an active link from the Sharan contributor's page.


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Photo Contest Spring 2011 Photo Entries Link (entries accepted May 1-May 31, 2011)


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