Photographer’s Notes

Sharan USA asked Susan Kroeter, a gifted pinhole photographer from New York,
to test drive the Sharan STD-35e Pinhole Camera. She shot over 12 rolls of film for us. While Susan shoots mostly nature landscapes with a 4x5, she found that the STD-35e’s compact size made it easy to carry along offering creative opportunities everyday. Her results were terrific in our unbiased Judgement! Here’s what she had to say about the STD-35e Pinhole Camera.

“The STD-35e is very easy to use. Lightweight, easy to carry with exposure times printed on its back, meaning no need for a light meter. (The exposure times are accurate, but I always erred on the side of overexposure when shooting negative film). There is one quirk about the camera. The rewind and advance spools are sturdy and work well, but make sure the film always has tension. Sometimes the film goes slack on either side. It results in double exposures or only half a frame advancing (again double exposure). I fixed this by holding the rewind knob in place with a rubber band. In general, compared to lugging my 4x5 with me, the STD-35e is great fun. It’s simple slide shutter and compact size outweighs the small quirk. I cannot recommend it enough. Ok, yea, I was paid to test it, but honestly this would be a handy edition to your pinhole collection.”

Susan has technical notes for some of the shots that she took using the STD-35e.


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