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Go Magazine

Sharan SQ-35
"Budding Shutterbugs-There is a camera for every type of young photographer"
AirTran Airlines, In-Flight Magazine
October 2010



Newsweek Magazine
Sharan Pinhole Camera Kit
November 10, 2008
Holiday Gift Guide, p.67


Men's Vogue
Style: Sharan Pinhole Camera
“ A black box. A hole that lets in light. A strip of film. Sure, you could make one yourself, but the folks at P-Sharan have produced a pinhole camera with style.


Alice + Olivia 4am Finds
Pinhole Cameras Just Got Cooler
Sharan Pinhole Camera

by Stacey Bendet
April 18, 2011


Beijing Today Magazine
Capturing dreams through a pinhole
April 1, 2010

World Pinhole Photography Contest
April 24, 2011 (contest ends June 6, 2011)  

Bon Mot Blog
Kids of All Ages
Sharan Std-35e Pinhole Camera
April 2011
by Jennifer Gaunt

News from Brooklyn
Photography Contest
in honor of world pinhole photography day - April 24, 2011
Contest begins April 24 and ends June 6, 2011 (contest here)

Sharan Pinhole Cameras

April 2011

Meet- the-p-sharan-pinhole-camera-a-do-it-yourself
Sharan Pinhole Cameras
April 2011

A Video Magazine
Building the Sharan Pinhole Camera

4 Mar 2011
By billi baracuda
This awesome little kit was purchased at a high end Japanese boutique on Madison in the fifties. You know, near Montblanc but closer to the park? Riiiiiight. No but seriously, it was only 25 bucks - 'bout the only thing your homie could aford up there...also, there's some great notes at the Sharan website about exposure times with photo examples here (

A Video Magazine Review
March 9, 2011
By: Lemon
I have gotten some amazing shots with my STD35 and my SW35. They are almost worn out. Thank God for black tape...

The Coolist
Sharan Pinhole Camera - SQ35
March 2010
Pinhole cameras:10 paper cameras for photograph purists

Sharan Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kits
February 16, 2011
Michael Zhang 

The Third Eye| Photography: Sharan Pinhole Cameras
February 2011

This 35mm Sharan Pinhole Camera is a palm-sized camera that you construct yourself. In exchange for about 60 minutes of your hard labor, you’ll be rewarded with intense pinhole images, and a new appreciation for the simple mechanics of photography. The Sharan camera is designed to be easy to build and use...(it) can be easily assembled without cutting or glue. The body is made of lightweight black paperboard ,the film is advanced and rewound with plastic spools. The shutter slides smoothly up and down... 

Sharan Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kits
via Michael Zhang and PetaPixel
February, 2011

Sharan Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kit Give Away
February 24, 2011

Bygg din egen kamera i papp - Fotosidan
Sharan Wide-35 Panoramic Pinhole Camera,February 2011
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Sharan Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kits
Feb 16, 2011
My first roll of film in the P-Sharan Pinhole Camera

21 Feb 2010
I took my new pinhole camera (from Dancing Bear Toys) out for a spin, loaded up with some Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400 film. Getting the film into the camera, shooting, and winding were all pretty easy. I went through the whole roll...

Gadgets Guide & Reviews
November 16th, 2010

3 Responses to “STD-35 Pinhole Camera Kit”

1. Mako Sharki said:Feb 24, 08 at 3:17 amRating
This is the BEST pinhole camera kit I have ever used. I have tried many and this one it the BEST!!. Easy to assemble, durable and works GREAT!!!!!

2. Patricia A. Meyer said: Apr 24, 09 at 11:07 pmRating
If you want a simple pinhole camera that uses standard b&w or color 35mm film this is for you! Making the camera takes patience, but the material is sturdy and lets in no extra light. I bought this to work with my students and felt quite comfortable cutting them loose with it. I would buy this again.

3. Elizabeth Crain said: Mar 12, 10 at 6:03 pmRating
I love this little camera. I’ve gotten quality pictures, well as quality as pin hole pictures can get . To make this product, I would suggest using an exacto knife to get all of the plastic knobs off of some parts but besides that, easy to follow and easy to make. Ages I would say middle school and up, but making it also entertained my boyfriend and I for and hour and we’re in our twenties. Really fun to use and as I am a physics teacher I love using it in my classroom as a demonstration. Great as a stepping stone to really understand how elementary photography works. I would suggest 400 speed film.

McClatchy-Tribune Campus
National Newswire
Winter 2010

Light Leaks Magazine
Sharan Pinhole Camera Build and Test Drive
June 2009
Light Leaks Magazine Website:

Light Leaks Magazine
Holgapalooza Summer Contest

August-September 2009
Light Leaks Magazine Website:

Small Town Fun
Mother's Day
Mod mom? Brooklyn 5 & 10 is known for their cool foldables (go look!), so the STD-35 Pinhole Camera is a great fit - spark some creativity and who knows, even a second career....
May 2010

EU magazine
Sharan Wide-35 Pinhole Camera
December 2009

The humble pinhole camera has had another modern-day makeover, with the Sharan Wide 35 now producing panoramic snaps from that cardboard frame.Yes, made of cardboard with the odd plastic highlight (specifically the advance and rewind knobs), the self-assembly Sharan 35 is able to produce 6.3 x 2.5cm negatvies using 35mm film - and not a mechanical part in sight. All the parts are pre-cut and ready for you to glue together, with the kit selling for £18.95.  Design Museum Shop website...

All I Want For Christmas

December 2009
While it may seem like digicams have been around for a while, it’s hard to recall the days when 35mm film was used for photography. The P-Sharan Pinhole Camera Kit SQ-35 will allow avid photographers to create fascinating pinhole camera images with a build it yourself cardboard camera. An ideal gift for the shutterbug fanatic.

13 Jun 2008
This is a do-it-yourself pinhole camera in a league of its own. first off, it uses the easy 35mm film & normal development that we all know and love. as with all things pinhole, you'll get dreamy soft focus images with ...

Regular Jen
P-Sharan SQ-35
Published: September 16, 2008
 I’m pretty certain I must have bought and built a Pinhole for Dummies model camera kit since I really didn’t manage to mess any of the shots up! It was so much easier and more gratifying than I expected! I’m floored that, at least in some small way, I’ve re-embraced film.

January 2008
i was quite surprised to stumble upon this cardboard pinhole camera kit at elliot bay books while i was back in seattle. it was actually on my want list of japanese pinhole camera kits - but i had no idea it'd been released for sale in ...

Oil & Ice
November 2007
This kit allows you to enjoy all the artistic freedom of the homemade version minus the frustration of taping and spray painting the inside of a shoebox black only to find out it still leaks a ton of light. There are other models in existence, but this one is sleek and simple, and the packaging is pleasantly minimal. Visit the official site for more info.


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STD-35e: View Animated Photo Gallery Wide-35 (horizontal): View Animated Photo GalleryWide-35 (vertical): View Animated Photo GallerySQ-35 : View Animated Photo Gallery New Submissions Policy + Contests (May 1, 2011):

We would be happy to consider your Sharan Pinhole Photos for our gallery and website. Please email a lo-res (100 resolution) jpg, 800 px wide of your images to the address below. Please read full details below regarding submissions:

Beginning May 1, 2011, we will have twice yearly Sharan Pinhole Photo Contests and post a call for submissions. Submissions will be added to the gallery or elsewhere on the website in exchange for a listing of each photographer's name on our new Contributor's page. Each Photographer may choose to submit one url address to their own website or flickr account, in order to have an active link from the Sharan contributor's page.

Spring 2011 Sharan Pinhole Photo Contest Rules (May 1-31, 2011):

Contest Rules: Please submit up to 6 original photographs, taken with a Sharan Pinhole Camera, and sent to us as as jpgs, resolution 100 at a width of 800 pixels. It is suggested that the images be 'spotted' for dust and scratches. (This is best done manually instead of using a filter for 'dust/scratches' as these filters soften the images). Your images should be cropped as you wish to see them published. All submissions received during the contest dates will be considered 'contest submissions'. A winner will be chosen to receive a $100 prize for each contest. reserves the right to refuse submissions for any reason. We look forward to seeing your photos!

Note: We will continue accepting submissions of Sharan Photos to our gallery and website pages from interested Photographers, on an ongoing basis (outside of our contests). Our new policy for these submissions will be to add each included photographer's name to our new contributor's page when we post a part of, or their full submission to our gallery pages or elsewhere on the website. As with contest submissions, each photographer may choose to submit one url address to their own website or flickr account, in order to have an active link from the Sharan contributor's page.

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